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This piece of the 500 chairs was included in an exhibition at the Philadelphia International Airport- Robert Dodge: Chairs- A Singular Vision. The below statement for the exhibition was written by Leah Douglas, Director of Exhibitions at the Philadelphia International Airport.

          Robert Dodge: Chairs - A Singular Vision
Terminal A/B

For the past 5 years, Philadelphia area artist Robert Dodge has based his work solely on recreating and redefining the chair. He has made hundreds and hundreds of chairs. All are nonfunctional sculptural objects constructed of wood and finished with acrylic paint. Among the variations of chairs, Dodge experiments with scale from miniature to life-size, proportion, color, design, and style. His obsessive exploration of this singular form is a conceptual exercise that is seemingly endless.

Dodge's chairs are presented in groups to convey their enormous diversity and massive quantity. They are often whimsical in presence as a result of their eccentric attributes and folk art appearance. Dodge's installation of 500 tiny chairs, each approximately 2"-6" high, is symbolic of the artist's vision. Displayed in a field-like arrangement, the amassed chair forms allude to continued growth and exploration.
    chairs sculpture art

This piece of the 500 chairs evolved from the large individual chair pieces. This brings the individual into a group into which personalities can change their complex relationship with each other: expanding and contracting. All the paintings and drawings evolved from this piece. The paintings and drawings have become increasingly complex. Each painting in this series is square and consists of 5 layers of the chair symbol. The paintings have no orientation and suggest a limitless, complex vastness made from individual elements.

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